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Foot Valve

Titan Pump Products - Foot Valve

  • Designed for long service life: Ductile iron body maintains the anti-corrosive properties of cast iron while achieving a yield strength comparable to carbon steel. ductile iron also offers higher pressure/temperature ratings than cast iron. Carbon and stainless steel units are also available upon request.
  • Minimal head loss: Head loss is minimized by providing a large cross-sectional area which exceeds that of the adjacent pipeline. additionally, the spring-loaded, center guided disc is designed with very low cracking pressure which reduces the amount of energy required to open the valve.
  • Quick closure to reduce water hammer: Silent shut-off is achieved via the fully automatic, spring assisted disc that closes near zero flow velocity. The lightweight, center guided disc design creates a positive shutoff prior to flow reversal and helps to keep slamming and surges to a minimum.
  • Bronze metal-to-metal seats: Precision machined sealing surfaces allow the fv 50-di to maintain a tight seal that meets or exceeds api 598 leakage requirements. Resilient seats are also available to provide bubble tight seals.
  • Numerous screen options: The standard screen construction material is type-304 stainless steel. In addition, a wide variety perforations, meshes, and materials are readily available. screens can be basket shaped or cone shaped.

Titan Suction DiffuserTitan Suction Diffuser - Strainer

While functioning as a strainer to prevent foreign particles from harming a pump, also has straightening vanes that reduce turbulence in the flow and alleviate stress and erosion on the pump. Titan manufactures each diffuser with a mesh start-up screen that can be removed after the diffuser’s start up period. Just one Titan Suction Diffuser replaces three products in a typical pump set up: an elbow, strainer, and an entry pipe.

Tri-Flow Control Check Valve

This is a spring- loaded valve that can be adjusted from full flow to complete shut-off. With a graduated position indicator, Titan’s Tri-flow is easy to adjust and control flow and its automatic shut-off helps to prevent water hammer. The Tri-flow is three products in one as it takes the place of a balance valve, shut-off valve, and check valve.

Titan’s durable Suction Diffuser and Tri-flow Control Check Valve are essential to protecting and promoting the longevity of pumps. At the same time, these two products are an economical choice, designed specifically to save space, energy, and installation and maintenance time.


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