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MSEC carries a broad range of industrial valves to support many applications. These products include:

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MSEC operates in partnership with leading manufacturers, including:

Choada USA has a broad product line with ball, globe, plug, gate, butterfly, safety, and any other special valves. Their products have become valuable to industries worldwide, including chemical, oil and gas, petrochemical, refining, pulp and paper, power generation and food and beverage industries.
Rugged Reliable Valves since 1918. Williams Valve provides cast and forged steel gate, globe and check valves, including a large domestic inventory of stainless steel valves. Additionally, they manufacture pressure seal bonneted valves for power and high-pressure applications and cryogenic valves for low temperature applications.
CRANE® ChemPharma & Energy designs and manufactures gate, check, ball and check valves, high-performance butterfly valves, bellows, sealed globe valves and other multi and quarter-turn valves.
The commercial division of CRANE® Valves
Flo-Tite™ specializes in floating and trunnion ball valves including manual operated, pneumatically actuated, electrically actuated in carbon, stainless and special alloys. Flo-tite offers V-ball valves for flow control applications and knife gate valve.
Resilient seated, high-performance and double flanged AWWA butterfly valves with options for gear operating and actuation.

Why Purchase Industrial Valves From MSEC?

Since 1978, MSEC has been a reputable distributor of industrial valves and other process equipment. Customers continue to experience many advantages with MSEC.

Long-Term Partnerships

MSEC builds long-term partnerships with their customers to understand their application requirements. With attentive and proactive customer service, they exceed expectations for service and support.

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The MSEC team comprises industrial process equipment experts offering in-depth product knowledge. Their experience helps them determine the best solution for customers and support them through implementation. MSEC expertise extends to installation, startup, commissioning and repair.

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Product Selection

MSEC offers one of the largest product selections in the industry, and they only carry products they can back up. By partnering with some of the industry’s leading manufacturers and offering competitive prices, MSEC helps customers maximize their investments.

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