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Since 1978, MSEC has helped clients optimize their processes by supplying superb products. The company has recognized the need to offer additional assistance for application troubleshooting and streamlined repairs. 

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Services Offered by MSEC, Inc.

Staffed by knowledgeable personnel who know the specific requirements of valve applications in various fields, MSEC confidently offers services to various sectors, including chemical and power facilities, food and beverage, health care and the pulp and paper sector. MSEC offers:


Actuator Repair, Refurbishment and Valve Actuation 

MSEC’s valve shop can handle valves and actuators up to 4,000 pounds. MSEC has the knowledge and latest tools to repair or refurbish your Limitorque® actuators.  We can also mount and test actuators on valves that we supply or that the customer supplies.

In partnership with our network of field contractors, we can oversee field removal, installation and startup of actuated valves.

Valve AID™ 

Valve AID™ simplifies valve and actuator maintenance by providing data and images of valves and automation equipment. MSEC’s unique system for gathering, organizing and sharing data helps identify the necessary parts of valves and their field controls — supplying the information required for maintenance and repairs at site personnel’s fingertips. This ensures companies order correct replacement parts and units. Companies can avoid downtime due to the ordering and installation of ill-suited parts.

MSEC, with the help of on-site personnel, will gather necessary data on-site and keep this data safe on a secure server, offering clients 24/7 access to their data through a portal. 

Remote Assist™

Remote Assist™ is a software and hardware package designed by MSEC. It empowers businesses to monitor their operations and engage with remote experts in real time for efficient troubleshooting. Plant managers can easily connect with their team members or other enterprises to address challenges. 

By engaging with technicians remotely, managers avoid the costs of sending experts to the work site. Since companies don’t need to create a Purchase Order or wait an extended period for on-site visits, issues are solved swiftly, and production can continue, minimizing downtime. 

MSEC offers a basic Remote Assist™ plan and customized options to ensure companies receive the level of assistance they need for optimum efficiency. 

What Can Companies Expect When Working With MSEC? 

Businesses that rely on MSEC’s services have access to:

A Masterful Team

MSEC has been in business for over 45 years and over the years, the company has hired and trained masterful technicians to assist enterprises with repair processes and troubleshooting. MSEC has built up an impressive portfolio of valves and control equipment from industry-leading manufacturers. Familiar with the extensive list of equipment on offer, MSEC staff assists companies in selecting suitable and affordable products for their applications and help with troubleshooting. 


Speedy Service

MSEC also offers quick access to replacement parts and units. MSEC staff will quickly process clients’ orders if an application needs a replacement unit. Businesses do not need to wait for an extensive time for product delivery as MSEC has a vast amount of stock on hand for various applications in an array of industries. MSEC provides timely delivery so businesses can avoid downtime.

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Businesses can optimize operational processes by relying on MSEC’s Remote Assist™ services to troubleshoot application challenges online. Enterprises can also efficiently maintain their applications with the help of Valve AID™. MSEC is ready to help simplify operations. Learn more about MSEC services by requesting an online quote or calling us at 303-232-4100.

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