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MSEC is a pump dealer for three pump types:

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MSEC is a market-leading pump and control distributor for today’s most trusted brands.

Sterlco®— formerly the Sterling Engineering Company — offers robust boiler-feed and condensate pumps and systems. They also boast extensive engineering support capable of producing custom units. The company has been a market leader since 1916 and focuses on designs that create longer life spans.
Roth® Pump has crafted high-quality specialty pumps for fluid processing industries since 1932. The company demonstrates its commitment to industry excellence with innovative designs. Available options include regenerative turbine and magnetic drive pumps. Roth pumps are used for steam condensate and fluids at temperatures near their vapor pressure, such as light hydrocarbons requiring low NPSH pumps.

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MSEC prices competitively to help clients maximize their investments.

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They create lasting partnerships with customers to provide long-term value.

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Product Expertise

The MSEC team has in-depth knowledge of each solution available to help customers identify the best options for their applications.

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Service Capabilities

They have the skills for complete project support, from design, installation and startup to commissioning and repair services.

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Top-Quality Products

MSEC carefully selects the manufacturers they partner with to offer the most reliable and high-quality industrial process equipment.

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Valve Aid Service


They serve the entire Western U.S. with an extensive selection of products to meet demanding application requirements.

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