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MSEC, Inc. offers industrial valves for oil and gas applications. These include:

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API-6A and API-6D Valves from Leading Manufacturers

Many valve types can meet API-6A and 6D standards, including trunnion-mounted ball, pressure seal and more. These products feature cutting-edge designs and industry-leading construction that support success for operations of all sizes. MSEC distributes API-6A and API-6D valves from leading manufacturers in the industry, including:

OMB® Valves is a globally recognized Italian valve manufacturer specializing in forged steel solutions for the energy sector. This includes API-6A and API-6D valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, and other engineered products. Their subsidiary Vogt is also a leading forged steel valve manufacturer, also known for its API-6A and API-6D valves designed for the oil and gas industry.
Choada USA has a broad product line with ball, globe, plug, gate, butterfly, safety, and any other special valves. Their products have become valuable to industries worldwide, including chemical, oil and gas, petrochemical, refining, pulp and paper, power generation and food and beverage industries.
Tiger Valve Company (TVC®) is an API Certified pipeline valve manufacturing company in Houston, TX, that provides quality engineered pipeline valves to customers in the North American market.
Rugged Reliable Valves since 1918. Williams Valve provides cast and forged steel gate, globe and check valves, including a large domestic inventory of stainless steel valves. Additionally, they manufacture pressure seal bonneted valves for power and high-pressure applications and cryogenic valves for low temperature applications.

Why Purchase API-6A and 6D Valves From MSEC?

Since 1978, MSEC has been a reputable distributor of leading valve products for API-6A and 6D applications. Their team offers a range of benefits to consumers.

Size and Pressure Options

API-6A and 6D valves come in various sizes to suit diverse applications. For example, DUO-CHEK® provides API valves ranging from 2 inches to 88 inches. Pressure ranges also vary widely to suit different uses.

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Quality Materials

The manufacturers MSEC carries create API-6A and 6D valves from high-quality materials, such as carbon steel and cast iron. These materials offer durability for long-term use. All materials meet or exceed API standards.

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MSEC provides one of the most extensive product lines in the industrial process equipment industry. They only provide products they can back up. With products from the market’s most reputable brands, operations can source high-performance valves with competitive prices to provide maximum value.

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The MSEC team offers decades of industry experience. Their experts provide extensive product knowledge to identify the right solutions for different applications and implement them for success. MSEC can install, start up, repair and commission. With experience in engineering and access to technical resources, they can also design and manufacture custom products.

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When working with MSEC, customers access a committed team founded on long-term partnerships. Through responsive and proactive customer service, they provide unmatched solutions that exceed expectations, regardless of project scale.

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MSEC’s versatile selection of API valves supports customers with stringent industry regulations. While manufacturers design their products in accordance with these standards, selecting the right valves within these designs is critical to success. The experts at MSEC deliver the product knowledge and industry expertise to guide purchasing decisions.

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