Patrick Bryant, President and Owner of MSEC, Inc.

MSEC’s Leadership

About Our President

Patrick Bryant has owned and led MSEC for over 15 years. With extensive experience as a process engineer, he deeply understands the challenges process plant managers and engineers face. His commitment to providing industry-leading products for process applications in the timeliest and most affordable way is unwavering.

Innovation & Development

Patrick Bryant’s Industry Experience

Patrick developed extensive knowledge about petrochemical and paper manufacturing when working as a process engineer at Shell Oil Company and Georgia-Pacific LLC. He worked as a process engineer in these fields for eight years.

With a passion for innovation and development, Patrick also worked as an R&D manager at the Eka Chemicals Division of Akzo Nobel in Sweden for several years, and he provided bleaching chemicals and paper chemicals to the pulp and paper industry. Patrick was with Akzo Nobel for a total of 11 years. During his last seven years at Akzo, he served as the international business segment manager for the startup business Purate®, which was extremely successful and was eventually sold to another chemical company.

Patrick’s extensive experience as a process engineer, managerial skills and passion for innovation serve him well as the president and owner of MSEC.

At the Heart of MSEC

Patrick Bryant Put His Experience to Work at MSEC

Patrick Bryant’s knowledge of process applications allows him to stay current while pursuing innovative ways to solve clients’ application pain points. His engineering experience enables him and his knowledgeable team to source and supply application-savvy products for various process industries, including the chemical, food and beverage, and pulp and paper fields. From engineers to sales technicians, Patrick has built a team that offers the technical expertise their clients need. MSEC’s team can advise on the best products for various process applications.

Patrick put his passion for innovation to work at MSEC by providing technology-forward services to assist plant managers with streamlined repairs and application troubleshooting. Patrick’s team offers a frictionless way to ensure clients find the best-suited application parts through Valve AID™. MSEC also provides remote assistance to those who need to perform troubleshooting and repair tasks on their process equipment. With Remote Assist™, plant managers have expert advice available at their fingertips.

With solid industry knowledge and a commitment to innovation, Patrick empowers his elite team to provide world-class service.

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Our Company

About MSEC

MSEC has been supplying quality products for more than 45 years. The company joins hands with dozens of industry-leading manufacturers who care about quality and affordability, allowing MSEC to offer a wide range of world-class products to their clients that cost-effectively solve their application requirements.

The MSEC team takes pride in delivering quality products backed by superb customer service. The team cares about their clients’ bottom line. MSEC keeps their warehouses stocked and their order and delivery services streamlined so clients receive their products promptly. With speedy service, the MSEC team minimizes application downtime.

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Find the best-suited parts for your application or utilize MSEC’s services today and experience the difference that MSEC provides. For more information about MSEC’s products and services, contact their Product Specialists online or call them at 303-232-4100.

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