Pigging Valves for Pipelines from MSEC


Lower Surface Footprint | Lower Piping Fabrication Cost | Lower Service/Maintenance Cost | Ease of Operation | Significantly Lower Emissions

What is Pigging:

Pigging involves inserting pigs or scrapers into a pipeline to conduct interior repairs. PIG means “Pipeline Intervention Gadget.” “Pigs” sweep and examine pipelines mechanically. Differential pressure from a faster-moving process fluid moves the pig (or scraper) through the pipeline. “Pig launcher” (or launching station) is a portion of the pipeline with an enlarged diameter to accommodate the pig. The launching station is then closed, and the pipeline’s pressure-driven flow moves the pig to the reception trap, where it may be retrieved. Pipeline pigs are used everyday for a number of purposes, including pipe cleaning for increased line efficiency, detecting flow obstacles, pipeline inspection, separating various goods running through the pipeline, corrosion control, air purge, water removal, and flow volume validation.
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