2- and 3-Way Globe Valves

Control fluid flow with durable globe valves. Since 1978, MSEC has worked with the world’s best valve distributors and manufacturers, offering their clients premium valve products, including two- and three-way globe valves. 

2- and 3-Way Globe Valves Distributed by MSEC, Inc. 

With good valve throttling capabilities and easy to machine, operators utilize globe valves in various applications. MSEC provides the following high-quality globe valves:

2-Way Globe Valves

A two-way valve is a simple mechanism with two ports — an inlet and an outlet. By adjusting the size of the valve opening, these control valves manage the flow of water. Operators use these valves in basic on-and-off systems, where they are commonly referred to as isolation valves. These valves are also used in variable flow systems where pressure, flow and temperature changes are prevalent. 

Proper usage of two-way globe valves can enhance efficiency and reduce operational costs by allowing operators to adjust the flow rates of heating and cooling systems. These versatile valves are essential in various industries like the food and beverage, power generation and water treatment sectors. 

3-Way Globe Valves

Three-way valves are similar to two-way valves but incorporate an extra port. These valves divert fluid flow or mix fluids delivered from two different outlets. When used to mix fluids, liquids from ports A and B are combined into the valve’s body and released through port AB. When acting as diverter valves, port AB is the entry point, while ports A and B are the exits. 

Using three-way globe valves is more economical for diverting and blending applications than utilizing several two-way globes. The capacity to blend fluids from multiple inputs makes three-way valves perfect for regulating temperature. 

Reputable manufacturers, such as Chaoda USA, Warren Controls and Williams Valve, offer outstanding globe valves

Why Purchase 2- and 3-Way Control Valves From MSEC, Inc? 

As a seasoned distributor with over 45 years of experience, MSEC offers more than just products. This company understands that customers want assistance with product selection, installation and maintenance. MSEC’s knowledgeable staff assists clients throughout every project phase, enabling customers to:

  • Keep to operational budgets: MSEC carries an extensive selection of products produced by manufacturers committed to making excellent equipment. Clients have the opportunity to choose budget-friendly products that match perfectly with their application requirements. 
  • Experience easy installations: MSEC’s customer service technicians work together proactively to solve clients’ operational challenges. They’ll assist with project selection and provide installation assistance, ensuring operations run smoothly.   
  • Keep operations running: Because MSEC stocks world-class products, their clients purchase durable equipment that minimizes the probability of work interruptions due to malfunctioning equipment. MSEC stocks two- and three-way globe valves from Warren Controls. Purchase these valves in durable materials such as cast iron, bronze and stainless steel to minimize erosion or flashing and keep operations running. 

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