Control Valves

Control valves modulate the flow of fluids (gas and liquid) to control process setpoints such as flow rate, pressure, temperature and level. There are various designs of control valves to meet the requirements of specific applications. Typically, a 4-20mA or 3-15 psig pneumatic control signal is sent from a feedback controller (standalone digital, DCS digital or PLC digital) to an actuator mounted on the valve. The most common actuators are pneumatic using air to operate the actuator that then modulates the valve position to maintain the desired setpoint. Additionally, electric motor driven actuators and hydraulically driven actuators are used to modulate control valves.

MSEC, Inc. is one of the leading control valve distributors in the country. They have served customers reliably for more than 45 years, providing expert guidance and superior products to improve performance, optimize production and minimize maintenance costs. 

Wide Selection of Control Valves for Sale

Functioning control systems are essential for the safe and reliable operation of industrial and commercial processes. MSEC offers top-quality brands at exceptional prices to meet customer requirements for control valves. They support clients across the Western United States with innovative products to strengthen operations and preserve uptime.

Types of control valves MSEC offers include:

  • 2 and 3-way globe: Control fluid flow in one direction or two with globe valves. The globe design offers good shutoff capability when needed and has excellent flow regulation.
  • Ball and eccentric plug: These valve types use a ball or cylindrical plug to shut off and control flow. These control valves, similar in working principle to a butterfly valve, offer excellent long-term durability.
  • Sliding gate: In a sliding gate valve, a small barrier opens and closes to control flow. These valves are beneficial because the open gate prevents excess flow restriction.
  • Remanufactured Fisher, Orbit, Norriseal, Bettis: Experience the industry-leading performance of well-known brands at a lower cost with certified remanufacturing.
  • Positioners: Use a positioner to interface with the actuator and controller and sense the position of the valve. Positioners are essential for maintaining precise valve movement.
  • Pilot and direct acting regulators: Regulate pressure and prevent overpressure with these regulators.

Control Valve Manufacturers

MSEC provides industry-leading manufacturers and brands to solve your application requirements. MSEC’s in-house valve automation experts provide the right solution at the right price.

They offer local inventory and sales support from cutting-edge control valve manufacturers, including:

Why Buy Control Valves from MSEC ?

MSEC is committed to providing customers across the Western U.S. with long-term value to ensure total customer satisfaction. Their expert team has expansive industry knowledge, working closely with customers to design lasting solutions and resolve unique industry challenges.

Aside from their comprehensive product portfolio, the MSEC professionals also offer value-add advantages like:

  • Remote Assist™ technology: MSEC provides an innovative toolkit allowing plant managers to remotely connect with multiple team members for assistance at breakneck speeds. 
  • Attentive customer service: Their service team is on call around the clock, ready to assist customers in whatever capacity necessary. They’re committed to forming meaningful relationships to provide high-quality products, dependable solutions and rapid response times.
  • Years of experience: Leadership and engineering teams have decades of industry experience creating viable solutions for many applications.
  • Customized solutions: MSEC knows every operation is singular in how it functions. They work closely with clients to understand their procedures, applications and needs to design personalized services that remedy specific challenges.



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