Electric Multi-Turn, Quarter-Turn and Linear Actuators

Enhance operational safety and flow management with electric valve automation equipment. MSEC stocks quality actuators and staffs expert technicians to make clients’ product choices and installation processes more manageable. 

Valve Automation Equipment Distributed by MSEC, Inc. 

MSEC offers a wide selection of valve automation equipment to simplify fluid and gas flow control. Automation enhances pressure and flow management and gives companies a more predictable process. Electric valve automation equipment does not require much maintenance or much energy to function. 

MSEC provides the following equipment: 

Electric Multi-Turn Valve Automation

Electric multi-turn valve automation is widespread and highly valued across various sectors, including power generation, water and wastewater treatment, and the oil and gas industry. Designed in different sizes and customizable to suit specific torque needs, these actuators are ideal for a diverse range of industrial purposes and one of the most common applications in control valves. 

Multi-turn actuators offer accurate and repetitive positioning by allowing for rotational movement spanning several turns, making them well-suited for applications demanding precision. 

Electric Quarter-Turn Valve Automation

Quarter-turn valve automation equipment is specifically engineered to automate the exact functioning of valves that open and shut through a 90-degree rotary motion, including ball valves, plug valves, dump valves, butterfly valves and choke valves.

Quarter-turn electric actuators provide an intelligent answer for applications with restricted space. They provide a combination of precision and dependability with integrated cutting-edge technology, and clients can tailor these machines for use in on/off scenarios or for precise control processes. 

Electric Linear Valve Automation

Linear valve automation converts circular motion into linear movement, allowing valve closure parts to move in a direct path and reach the desired position. This type of movement can include upward, downward, forward and backward motion. Electric linear valve actuators are powered by an AC or DC motor and control linear valves such as gate and globe valves. This automation equipment is easy to install and program and offers precise position control. 

Why Purchase Valve Automation Equipment from MSEC, Inc? 

Since 1978, MSEC has built partnerships with outstanding manufacturers and invested in staff training to offer: 

  • World-class products: MSEC’s impressive network of manufacturers and valve distributors allows the company to retail an assortment of top-quality valve automation products. Clients can choose a well-fitting solution from an assortment of world-class products. 
  • Application support: Staffed by trained and proactive customer service technicians, MSEC assists with product choices and the installation process. Staff members are ready to assist clients through each project phase — ensuring clients have access to ongoing knowledgeable support. 
  • Competitive pricing: MSEC partners with manufacturers who are passionate about quality and affordability, ensuring clients can take their pick of quality and reasonably priced valve automation equipment. Plant managers can install durable products without breaking budgets. 

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