Shut Off Pig Valves

Pipeline intervention gadgets — abbreviated as “pig” — are crucial to maintaining modern mechanical systems in many industries. Operators rely on them to clean systems, control corrosion, identify pipeline blockages and more. 

The valves simplify the process of entry and exit by providing a built-in launching and recapturing point.

Available Shut-Off Pig Valves

Shut-off pig valves feature a through-conduit style that distinguishes them from other models. While some gate or check valves can become “piggable” with a specialized insert, the shut-off pig valve has a trunnion-mounted ball at the heart of its design. Their flexibility allows them to play the role of launcher or receiver.

Shut-Off Pig Valve Features

MSEC proudly distributes solutions from Tiger Valve Company (TVC), a premier manufacturer with a reputation for quality, performance and durability.

Size and Temperature Ranges

These valves come in sizes ranging from 2 to 16 inches and handle standard operating environments with temperatures between -20 and +300 degrees Fahrenheit. MSEC can also obtain them through special order to withstand temperatures between -50 to +400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Construction Materials

The most popular choice features standard alloy 316 stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance and long-lasting use. Additional options include LF2 material or exotic alloys for specific applications.

Relevant Industry Standards

As a company that offers pig valves and more, TVC has engineered these options to meet numerous industry guidelines and standards, including:

  • API 6D and 598
  • ASME B16.34
  • NACE MR01475-03
  • ANSI pressure classes 150 to 1500

Why Work With MSEC for Shut-Off Pig Valves?

MSEC has been a trusted distributor of pigging valves and more since 1978, serving companies in the Western U.S.


With so many decades of industry service, their team has unmatched product knowledge. They can identify the best solution for customer applications, and they have the skills to implement it — MSEC’s expertise extends to installation, startup, repair services and commissioning. The MSEC team also has access to in-depth engineering and technical resources to design and create custom products.

Selection and Quality

MSEC has one of the industry’s most extensive product lineups for industrial process equipment. They are committed to only offering products they can back up. MSEC carries the market’s most well-respected brands and prices them competitively to deliver maximum value.


At MSEC, the team creates great customer experiences to form long-lasting partnerships. They are proactive, responsive to client requirements and committed to exceeding expectations.



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