Pipeline Auxiliaries

Piping systems require various specialty components to suit different applications. Pipeline auxiliaries, like strainers and flanges, are often necessary additions to systems in industries like oil and gas, power and chemicals. MSEC, Inc. supplies this essential equipment.


Available Pipeline Auxillary Equipment

MSEC supports multiple pipeline applications with a range of auxiliary equipment. Their inventory features notable products like:

  • Wye, basket and duplex basket strainers: These different strainer configurations use specific designs to remove solid particles from liquids in pipelines. Wye strainers are best for smaller particle volumes and can be placed in any position. Basket strainers offer large straining areas for catching higher particle volumes but only work for parallel pipes. With a duplex basket, operations gain more space for separating particles when cleaning is unavailable between processes.
  • Tee and temporary strainers: Tee strainers can be mounted in horizontal or vertical piping, using a similar design to a basket strainer. Temporary strainers are installed between pipe flanges for temporary use. These strainers can be truncated, conical or flat.
  • Orifice plates, spectacle and blind flanges: Measure and control fluid flow with an orifice plate and protect other system components by reducing strain. When flow needs to be regularly stopped or separated, spectacle flanges enable operations to open and close flows as needed. Blind flanges serve a similar purpose by stopping fluid flow, but these flanges are typically used for long-term applications.

Pipeline Auxillary Product Manufacturers

MSEC proudly distributes pipeline auxiliaries from leading manufacturers in the industry. Their top two brands in this component category are:

  • Fabrotech: Fabrotech serves operations worldwide with strainer products. With strainers made from cast carbon, stainless steel, iron and aluminum bronze, their products withstand various pressure and temperature requirements.
  • Titan Flow ControlTitan Flow Control is a reputable manufacturer of pipeline valves and strainers. Their product designs feature high-grade materials and various sizes to align with different applications.

Why Choose MSEC for Pipeline Auxiliary Products?

MSEC began in 1978 and has since become a trusted partner to operations throughout the Western U.S.


MSEC has several decades of experience in the industry, and their team consists of seasoned experts who direct customers to the best solutions for their applications. Their experts can provide installation, startup, commissioning and repair services for operations. Additionally, their access to engineering and technical resources allows them to design turnkey products when required.


MSEC provides proactive and attentive customer service to exceed customer expectations and meet application requirements. They become long-term partners with their customers to gain an in-depth understanding of operations’ unique goals.

Product Selection

In partnership with leading manufacturers in the process equipment industry, MSEC provides high-quality equipment that meets industry standards and aligns with application requirements. MSEC only provides equipment they can back, and these manufacturers have enabled them to provide one of the largest product inventories in the industry. With competitive pricing, they maximize the value of every component.


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