Pressure Seal Valves

Pressure seal valves are essential for high-pressure fluid applications to protect a system. MSEC, Inc. provides various pressure seal valves with different configurations.

Pressure Seal Valve Distributors

MSEC carries a wide selection of pressure seal valves in various configurations and pressure classes. Pressure seal valves use the pressure of the system to increase seal strength for high-pressure applications. This technology works with a few valve types, including:

  • Globe: Control and stop fluid flow with a movable disc connected to a valve stem.
  • Gate: A rectangular wedge connected to a threaded stem and actuator opens and closes to stop and start fluid flow.
  • Lift check: All check valves are designed to prevent backflow, but the different types use various functions to control fluid flow. Lift valves feature a piston or ball that raises from the seat when upward flow increases the pressure. When the flow stops or reverses, the ball returns to the seat.
  • Swing check: Swing check valves are automatic. A disk responds to pressure flowing in the right direction by opening and staying open. When the pressure decreases, the disc closes.
  • Stop check: Stop check valves operate similarly to a globe valve with a check valve feature that prevents backflow. Unlike other check valves, stop check valves have a perpendicular control mechanism in addition to a vertical one.

Pressure Seal Valves From Leading Manufacturers

MSEC distributes pressure seal valves from leading manufacturers. These valve products are made with high-quality materials and high-performance designs to help operations meet their productivity goals. MSEC  supplies pressure seal valves with pressure classes starting at 900 psi with a maximum of 4,500 psi.

Why Purchase From MSEC for Pressure Seal Valves?

MSEC has been a trusted distributor of industrial valve products since 1978. Their team offers many advantages to their customers.

Extensive Inventory

With one of the most extensive product lines in the industrial process equipment industry, MSEC supports a diverse set of needs. They carry products from some of the most reputable brands in the industry and only provide products they can back up. Customers gain access to high-performance valves at competitive prices to experience maximum value.


MSEC consists of many industry experts who can provide product knowledge for every customer. Through this expertise, MSEC can determine the best solutions for every application and implement them for success. They have experience in installations, startups, repairs and commissioning. With their engineering resources, they can also design and manufacture custom products.

Customer Service

MSEC provides responsive and proactive customer service to meet operations’ requirements. They build long-term partnerships with their consumer to provide solutions that exceed expectations and help operations meet their goals.

Source Pressure Seal Valves From MSEC

MSEC is a reputable pressure seal valve distributor that provides a versatile product selection for various applications. With attentive customer service and industry expertise, they meet and exceed their customers’ requirements and build long-term partnerships with long-lasting solutions. Request a quote for their pressure seal valves today.



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