Remanufactured Valves

Plant and facility managers seek innovative methods to reduce expenses in the current competitive landscape. This is leading to a trend of purchasing remanufactured valves. On top of the obvious cost benefits, remanufactured equipment is also more environmentally friendly and comes with a 2 year standard warranty.

Remanufactured Control Valves Distributed by MSEC, Inc.

 Suppliers can ensure remanufactured valves perform their tasks with reliability and accuracy through proper quality testing. MSEC offers quality-tested remanufactured valves, including ones by these manufacturers: 

Remanufactured Fisher Valves

MSEC offers remanufactured Fisher control valves. The control valve regulates the flow of fluid, such as gas, steam, water and chemical compounds, counteracting any changes in load. Fisher offers an array of control valves, including:

  • Angle valves
  • Three-way valves
  • Eccentric plug valves
  • Ball valves
  • Glove valves
  • Butterfly valve

MSEC’s remanufactured Fisher control valves boast exceptional precision and quality, making them a viable alternative to purchasing new equipment. Accurate sizing and specification are crucial when selecting control valves. It is essential to know application requirements when selecting remanufactured valves for automatic control. 

Remanufactured ORBIT Valves

Perfect for tasks that demand no leakage and frequent use, plant operators utilize ORBIT rising stem ball valves for crucial isolation applications. Utilize these valves in meter isolation, suction and discharge isolation, product segregation and various other applications. 

By incorporating a tried and tested tilt-and-turn mechanism, ORBIT valves eliminate seal rubbing — the leading cause of valve malfunctions. Because no seal rubbing occurs, valve opening and closing result in effortless, low-torque valve operations and sustained performance over time. 

Remanufactured Norriseal Valves

Norriseal offers a series of control valves to meet different application requirements. Their 2220 high-pressure valves control liquid or gas pressure in pressure vessels like separators and scrubbers, while their general-purpose series 2700A can control a wide range of materials, pressures and temperatures. This series is also available in a more economical version — the space-saving 2720 series includes all the features of the 2700A series. MSEC stocks an array of refurbished Norriseal valves. 

Why Purchase Remanufactured Valves From MSEC, Inc?

MSEC has more than 45 years of experience offering superior remanufactured valves and the following benefits: 

  • Tailor-made solutions: If one of MSEC’s ready-to-install products can’t meet a company’s industrial application requirements, MSEC technicians can work on bespoke solutions to ensure applications function optimally. 
  • Products for various industries: MSEC works with clients from power to chemical facilities to manufacturing and wastewater plants. MSEC can troubleshoot application problems and offer fitting problem-solving products for various industries through its comprehensive product directory. 
  • Purchasing support: MSEC’s knowledgeable customer service technicians will listen to companies’ application requirements and introduce fitting products to solve their problems. MSEC staff is highly trained and familiar with their extensive library of products. They can offer clients the best remanufactured solutions. 

Buy Remanufactured Valves From MSEC

Cut costs significantly by installing refurbished valves from industry-leading brands. With regular maintenance, remanufactured valves can last for years. Request an online quote for remanufactured Fisher, ORBIT and Norriseal valves today.

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