Crane CP&E

Valves from Crane CP&E

Valves We Distribute

  • Aloyco – Stainless steel & alloy 20 gate, globe & check valves
  • Centerline – Resilient seated butterfly valves
  • Crane Valves – Cast iron, cast steel &  bronze – gate, globe & check
  • Flowseal – High performance butterfly valves
  • Duo-Chek – High performance wafer dual door check valves
  • Forged Steel  – Gate, globe & check valves  in 800 and 1500 ANSI Class
  • Stockham – Bronze, iron and steel gate, globe and check valves; butterfly valves.

Crane Co., a diversified manufacturer of highly engineered industrial products. Crane provides products and solutions to customers in the aerospace, electronics, hydrocarbon processing, petrochemical, chemical, power generation, automated merchandising, transportation and other markets. CRANE CP&E designs and manufactures a variety of high performance products including: highly engineered check valves, sleeved plug valves, lined valves, process ball valves, high performance butterfly valves, bellows sealed globe valves, aseptic and industrial diaphragm valves, multi/ quarter-turn valves, and actuation.