Bourdon tube pressure gauges can exhibit rapidly oscillating indicators when subjected to pulsations from the measured line. The fast-moving pointer on the dial face makes it impossible for an observer to obtain an accurate reading from the gauge. One solution has been to fill the case with a viscous liquid that served to dampen the vibration. While this is generally effective, it does create an additional potential maintenance burden related to the liquid.

A better solution is a dry gauge with a suitable means of dampening pointer oscillations that rivals that of liquid-filled gauges. Winters Instrument, a manufacturer of industrial instrumentation on a global scale, offers a range of pressure gauges with their StabilZR™ dampened movement that provides liquid-filled performance in a dry gauge.

The short video included with this post compares standard dry gauge, liquid-filled, and StabilZR™ versions. You can see the performance difference. Learn more about the StabilZR™ pressure gauges by sharing your process instrumentation challenges with application experts, combining your own process knowledge and experience with their product application expertise to develop effective solutions.

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