About MSEC, Inc.

Process Equipment Distributor and Service Provider

MSEC, Inc. is a distributor and service provider of industrial process equipment specializing in valves, actuators, valve automation, heat transfer, instrumentation and steam specialties. We work with some of the world’s best manufacturers and valve distributors to offer solutions for an extensive application range, from chemical and power facilities to wastewater and manufacturing plants. Since 1978, we have worked with customers to optimize their processes and increase their process uptime.

We are a full-service company based in Golden, Colorado, offering clients throughout the Western U.S. design, application, commissioning and product startup services. Our knowledgeable and experienced customer service staff takes pride in its fast response times, superior product knowledge and technical expertise.

MSEC, Inc. Services and Product Application Services


At MSEC, one of our primary goals is to improve each client’s operations by offering industry-leading products and services that increase production, streamline efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. By working closely with our clients, we develop an in-depth understanding of their processes and add value to their operations in ways that most other distributors cannot.

Our relationships with dozens of leading manufacturers, our comprehensive knowledge of real-world solutions and our superior technical expertise are at the core of our capabilities.

  • Manufacturers: At MSEC, we partner with dozens of manufacturing companies passionate about quality, efficiency, affordability and availability. These partnerships enable us to offer world-class technical advice and an extensive product range to solve your operation’s most demanding challenges.
  • Products: We address the challenges of industrial and commercial applications by offering one of the market’s most comprehensive product portfolios, from valves and actuators to cooling towers and pressure protection solutions. Our valves include control valves, ball valves, check valves and more! Our on-staff professionals can help you address your operational needs and determine the most effective solutions for your application.

Advantages of Choosing MSEC for Products and Services

Besides our extensive product selection, we offer many value-added services to improve your operation’s efficiency, from equipment repair and product maintenance to installation services and training. Some other advantages you’ll enjoy when partnering with us are:

  • Superior expertise: Our leadership and engineering team have years of industrial experience addressing the process equipment needs of many application types. Whether you need assistance in design, installation, commissioning, startup or repair services, we have the knowledge and skills to cover your demands.
  • Individual attention: Our experts pride themselves on world-class customer service and the fastest response times. We can provide an operational survey to identify your most critical needs and help determine the most reliable, productive and cost-effective solutions for your unique application. We’ll also maintain your equipment’s service records to increase reliability and ensure a long life.
  • Customization options: In addition to our off-the-shelf products, MSEC can help you develop a custom solution for your specific process requirements. Our partnerships with global manufacturers provide us with a wealth of resources to meet your needs.
  • Remote Assist: This intuitive toolkit offers you rapid collaborative support to troubleshoot your issues quickly and remotely at much less than the cost of on-site visits.

Connect With the Experts at MSEC Today

If you’re searching for an expert group that consistently meets the needs of your industrial or commercial applications, you’ve come to the right place. Our experts can help you determine the ideal solutions to improve production and efficiency while minimizing operational costs. Contact our team online today with questions or to obtain additional information on our products.