High Visibility Process Gauges Deliver Improved Readability in Low Light Conditions

Process gauges can sometimes, by necessity, be located in areas with low lighting or other conditions that do not promote easy viewing and reading of their dial face. Winters Instruments, the manufacturer of a range of industrial instrumentation including dial face gauges, has released their WinBRIGHT high visibility pressure gauge dials. The new gauge dials provide either a highly reflective background color or a glow-in-the-dark option for the company’s offering of pressure gauges in the 4″ through 6″ diameter range.

The video provides a quick overview of the new offering. Considering these gauges for installation in existing or new processes can bring better visibility to operators and technicians reading process gauges. More information is available from instrumentation specialists, with whom you should share your process measurement challenges and requirements. Combining your own experience and process knowledge with your product application expertise will yield a positive solution.

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