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Valve AID™ Services

When you need to streamline your valve and actuator maintenance, Valve AID™ from MSEC helps you gather data and images for your critical valves and actuators. You can access this data 24/7, so both planned and unplanned outages don’t slow down your team’s efficiency.

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Valve AID™ Solutions for Your Business

MSEC’s proprietary data collection, storage and reporting system helps businesses identify all relevant parts and equipment for each critical valve and its associated field controls. Here are some benefits of this System: 

We Keep the Process Running™

Why Work With MSEC?

Solve your valve and actuator problems with MSEC. We can assist you with top-notch valves and actuators (automation) to solve your entire assembly. MSEC, Inc. also offers:

  • Local product inventory
  • Application support and product information
  • High-quality brands and helpful products
  • Reasonable pricing and long-lasting value

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How Valve AID™ Works

Our team will travel to your site and collect all relevant data and pictures in the field for your critical valves/actuators.  We need your site personnel to assistance with locating valves/actuators in the field, removing insulation or other covers, using manlifts or other equipment to access elevated valves. We also ask that you provide us with valve/actuator specification sheets and P&IDs if available.  All customer data is kept confidential and stored on a secure server. 

Valve Database Management

MSEC ensures your valve and actuator data is safe and available to you when you need it.  If you purchase new products, you may send us the relevant data and pictures and we will add it to your database without additional costs.


Sourcing for Emergencies

We understand how challenging it is to search for spare parts and replacement products. That’s why we will do the hard work and use the information we have on our database to help you find the products you need when you need them.


Critical Spares Management

Additionally, we can design a custom plan that you can use for critical spares management. This plan will help you secure inventory parts by the time you need them.


Program Costs

The field data collection is done by MSEC at no cost to the customer.  We will schedule a visit when you have the resources and time to assist us in the field. Depending on the size of the project we will have all data input and verified with in a month or two of the field site visit.

You may access tag summary list data at no charge. Full access to all valve/actuator data can be purchased on an as needed basis or in advance for a nominal charge per tag.


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Streamlining your industrial operations is possible with the help of MSEC. Automating manual processes using our asset database and reporting technology  reduces turnaround time for replacement or repair of your critical valve/actuator assets. Contact us today and plan your next Valve AID™ walk-down with us.


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