Arctic Rated Pressure and Temperature Switches

MSEC offers a wide range of pressure and temperature switches manufactured by Custom Control Sensors (CCS), the leader in pressure and temperature switches for critical services, including aerospace.

Arctic Rated Pressure Switches 

A pressure switch consists of a diaphragm sensing element, adjustment spring, electrical contacts, terminals and an on/off switch. This electromechanical device is a passive component as it only requires the presence or absence of pressure to operate. Pressure on the diaphragm compresses the calibrated spring, and when the spring reaches or surpasses the set point, the contacts will move from open to close in a normally open (NO) switch or closed to open in a normally closed (NC) switch.

Industrial process systems frequently utilize these switches in various applications, such as:

  • Pumping systems
  • Compressed gas systems
  • Process equipment
  • HVAC equipment

MSEC offers a variety of arctic rated pressure switches for various applications.  

Arctic Rated Temperature Switches 

This compact switch supplies a robust method for measuring temperature in space-constrained environments. Its switching mechanism adjusts to the temperature input, triggering a response if temperatures exceed a set threshold, making it a valuable tool to prevent overheating. 

Many applications utilize temperature switches in various industries, such as the food and beverage, automotive and pharmaceutical sectors. These switches are used in:

  • Boilers
  • Heating systems
  • Burners
  • Circulation pumps

MSEC carries a large variety of temperature switches, including arctic rated temperature switches. With a quality temperature switch, clients can rest assured their applications are safeguarded against overheating. 

Why Choose Instrumentation Products From MSEC, Inc? 

Through attentive customer service, MSEC solves their clients’ unique industry challenges by providing lasting solutions and fitting products. Customers across the western U.S. rely on MSEC to offer products that are:

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Why Purchase From MSEC for API-6A and 6D Valves?

Since 1978, MSEC has been a reputable distributor of leading valve products for API-6A and 6D applications. Their team offers a range of benefits to consumers.


MSEC provides one of the most extensive product lines in the industrial process equipment industry. They only provide products they can back up. With products from the market’s most reputable brands, operations can source high-performance valves with competitive prices to provide maximum value.


The MSEC team offers decades of industry experience. Their experts provide extensive product knowledge to identify the right solutions for different applications and implement them for success. MSEC can install, start up, repair and commission. With experience in engineering and access to technical resources, they can also design and manufacture custom products.


When working with MSEC, customers access a committed team founded on long-term partnerships. Through responsive and proactive customer service, they provide unmatched solutions that exceed expectations, regardless of project scale.

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