Pneumatic Quarter-Turn and Linear Valve Automation

Pneumatic actuators provide many uses for various process control applications in the industrial sector. Pneumatic actuators are efficient, safe and reliable motion control devices that convert energy from pressurized air or gas into linear motion.

These actuators are highly beneficial in applications that require valves to open and close repeatedly, notably when a system has many valves. In hazardous applications, pneumatic valves are excellent solutions where using electric valves instead of pneumatic would likely cause an ignition or create a fire hazard. 

The experts at MSEC have years of combined experience with pneumatic valve automation. They boast a state-of-the-art valve automation shop, allowing them to build custom solutions and repair existing actuator devices. They stock an extensive selection of products from various brands, including Limitorque — one of the world’s most reputable actuator manufacturers.

Types of Pneumatic Valve Automation Products

Depending on the application, various pneumatic valve types play different roles in the process control industry. Actuators provide the power the valves need to open and close. Operations often use pneumatic valves to control and regulate fluid flow.

Types of valve actuators offered in this category include:

  • Linear actuators: Linear actuators control valves in a straight-line motion. Compared to other designs, linear systems control fluids at a reduced rate but with greater levels of regulation. Linear actuators also work well for high-temperature and steam applications.
  • Quarter-turn actuators: Quarter-turn actuators control valves that move in 90-degree turns, such as butterfly or ball valves. These systems typically feature rack and pinion designs and operate faster than linear actuators. Most quarter-turn actuators feature more durable and compact builds that produce added torque.

Advantages of Choosing MSEC for Pneumatic Valve Automation Solutions

The MSEC team is committed to providing customers with industry-best solutions for their most complex manufacturing and operational challenges. In addition to their comprehensive product selection, they go above and beyond by offering value-added solutions that help improve efficiency, including:

  • Superior expertise: These experts have decades of combined experience addressing linear motion and other process control needs across various industries. Whether their clients require custom designs, installation assistance or repair services, they have the expertise to meet their needs.
  • Individualized attention: MSEC’s customer service team provides around-the-clock service to handle client inquiries in whatever capacity necessary. They also offer a plant survey to identify each customer’s most critical issues. MSEC believes in establishing long-term relationships and giving each client the attention they deserve, regardless of company size or industry.
  • Customization capabilities: Besides stock pneumatic actuators, MSEC offers solutions tailor-made to an application’s unique needs. They partner with many of the world’s leading manufacturers and have the resources to develop the most practical and efficient customized solutions.
  • Remote Assist™: The intuitive Remote Assist™ toolkit provides clients with dedicated, remote support to help resolve process issues quickly without the escalated costs of on-site service visits.


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MSEC is among the industry’s most reputable and knowledgeable pneumatic actuator distributors, offering a vast product selection, superior technical expertise and world-class customer service. Their engineers help clients identify the most practical solutions to increase efficiency and minimize operational costs. 

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