Safety and Relief Valves

MSEC has been in business since 1978, and during that time, the company has accumulated an extensive product list, enabling them to provide fitting solutions for different applications. MSEC supplies pressure protection equipment to various industries, including chemical plants, refineries and power plants. 

Pressure Protection Equipment Distributed by MSEC 

Premium pressure protection equipment offers long-lasting measures against potential injuries and safeguards applications. With MSEC’s selection of safety and relief valves, businesses can protect their employees and equipment. 

Safety valves are used for pressure overprotection with gases and vapors (compressible fluids).

Safety Relief valves are used for both gases and liquids (non-compressible fluids).

Relief valves are used for liquids.

In the USA safety and relief valves fall under one of these codes for pressure vessels with pressures that exceed 15 psig:

  • ASME Code Section 1 for Fired Pressure Vessels (Steam Boilers)
  • ASME Code Section VIII for Unfired Vessels (Heat exchangers, Pressure Reducing Stations, Pressurized Tanks, etc.)
  • ASME Code Section IV for Hot Water Boilers
  • Non-Code

Safety Valves 

Safety valves are specifically designed to handle compressible fluids such as vapors and gasses. Safety Relief valves can handle both gases and liquids. Their distinguishing characteristic are the Code under which they fall and additional application requirements and other industry specific codes. In steam facilities, safety valves are a common and essential component for safeguarding against boiler overpressure. 

Variations in design and applications include:

  • Valves meeting American Petroleum Institute (API) Standards
  • High efficiency pilot operated valves
  • Clean (sanitary) valves
  • Snap or modulating valves

With a wide variety of safety valves available, plant operators can easily find a product that fulfills the exact needs of their applications. After selecting a type of safety valve, operators need to consider numerous parameters like the set pressure, required mass flow and design standard for proper safety valve sizing. 

MSEC sources a variety of safety valves from top manufacturers, and their knowledgeable staff can advise operators on suitable valves for their applications. 

Relief Valves

Relief valves are spring-loaded and relive when the set pressure is exceeded. They are activated by upstream pressure and are most commonly used with liquids (non-compressible fluids). 

Relief valves fall into one of several categories:

  • Hot Water Boilers
  • Clean (Sanitary) Service
  • Snap or Modulating Service
  • Underwriters Laboratory (UL) for Oil Service
  • UL or Factory Mutual Research (FM) for Fire Pump Service

MSEC can advise businesses on the best relief valves for their applications. 

Why Purchase Safety and Relief Valves From MSEC? 

MSEC aims to establish long-term partnerships with their clients by offering superior products and outstanding service. When businesses choose MSEC as their safety and relief valve supplier, they gain access to the following:

  • A wide selection of valves: MSEC partners with dozens of world-class manufacturers to offer a wide selection of valves. Clients can take their pick of quality safety and relief valves — choosing fitting valves for their unique applications.
  • Application support: Staffed by expert client support technicians, MSEC assists in valve selection. With so many safety and relief valves on offer, MSEC staff can help businesses select optimal products for their applications. With services such as Remote Assist, MSEC offers assistance in every project phase. 
  • Timely service: With a large inventory of safety and relief valves, MSEC can dispatch products promptly, ensuring businesses minimize operational downtime. MSEC also offers critical spares management as part of their Valve AID™  services, supplying inventory parts when clients need them.

Receive a Quote for Safety and Relief Valves 

MSEC chooses to work with manufacturers passionate about making durable pressure protection equipment and offering competitive pricing. MSEC proudly provides their clients with affordable safety and relief valves that last. To find out more about MSEC’s selection of valves, request an online quote for quality pressure protection equipment.


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