Steam Specialties

Steam Specialties is a category of process equipment that is used when steam is used for process heating and power generation. Steam is the vapor form of water. Steam releases large amounts of heat when changing state from a gas to a liquid, known as the latent heat of condensation.

Available Industrial Steam Specialties

MSEC stocks many steam specialties and has experts on staff with decades of steam knowledge.

A wide range of product types are available, such as:

  • Desuperheaters and Steam Attemperators: Desuperheaters contain steam and reduce the temperature to make it less superheated. Attemperators cool superheated steam by adding water.
  • Steam Traps, Regulators, Separators and Silencers: Regulate steam in a system with components designed for discharging condensate, adjusting pressure, separating water droplets and attenuating noise.
  • Vacuum Breakers and Air Vents: Use vacuum breakers and air vents to prevent backflow and vent high volumes of air into piping systems.
  • Packaged Heaters: Combine heating, air-handling and air-conditioning in a single, dynamic unit.
  • Condensate and BFW Pumps: Collect and disperse liquid created from heating systems with condensate pumps. Use BFW pumps to deliver feedwater to boilers.

Steam Specialties Manufacturers

MSEC partners with various industry leaders to deliver products you can trust.

Why Buy Steam Specialties from MSEC?

MSEC is committed to providing customers across the Western U.S. with long-term value to ensure total satisfaction. Their expert team has expansive industry knowledge, working closely with customers to design lasting solutions and resolve unique industry challenges.

Aside from their comprehensive product portfolio, the MSEC professionals also offer value-add advantages like:

  • Remote Assist™ technology: MSEC provides an innovative toolkit allowing plant managers to remotely connect with multiple team members for assistance at breakneck speeds. 
  • Attentive customer service: Their service team is on call around the clock, ready to assist customers in whatever capacity necessary. They’re committed to forming meaningful relationships to provide high-quality products, dependable solutions and rapid response times.
  • Years of experience: Leadership and engineering teams have decades of industry experience creating viable solutions for many applications.
  • Customized solutions: MSEC knows every operation is singular in how it functions. They work closely with clients to understand their procedures, applications and needs to design personalized services that remedy specific challenges.

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