CCS Pressure Switches for Oil, Gas and Pipeline Applications


Today’s global oil and gas exploration and processing industry demands the highest quality to ensure worker safety and environmental protection. Gas turbines are essential to the operation of oil and gas platforms, as they power compressors that inject gas into wells, force oil upward, and compress the output gas for transportation. Because of the high pressures and corrosive media involved in these oil and gas applications, the switches used must be durable and reliable enough to ensure safe operation over and over again.

CCS’s pressure switch series for the oil and gas industry does just that while addressing other common issues with traditional switches. CCS oil and gas pressure switches also eliminate the use of constant rate device technology in favor of CCS’s DUAL-SNAP® action technology, which employs Belleville disc springs to reduce premature wear and switch failure. Because of DUAL-SNAP® action technology, there is no set point drift and thus no need for recalibration.

Well-head control panels, chemical injection skids, pipeline pressure monitoring, emergency shutdown equipment, BOP systems, fire suppression systems, filter separators/scrubbers, lube oil systems, and pump and compressor management are examples of typical applications.

CCS products can withstand the harsh, corrosive environments of any oil and gas application. CCS products can reduce maintenance costs and the need for replacement parts while mitigating unplanned or emergency shutdowns.

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