Valves for Oil & Gas Processing

Valves for oil and gas. upstream, midstream, downstream

MSEC provides valves for every step of the oil and gas supply chain, from the wellhead extraction to pipeline emergency shut-off valves (ESV), to metal seated ball valves used in refining. Our vast selection of pipeline, control, and safety valves are qualified for the most demanding oil and gas applications.

Upstream involves the extraction of oil and natural gas from the ground; midstream is the safe movement and distribution of oil and gas: and downstream involves converting petroleum resources into fuels and finished products. Upstream, midstream, and downstream segments of the oil and gas industry require robust and reliable valves.

The oil and gas industry valve service and operating conditions are unique and harsh. Environmental conditions (like high pressure liquids and flow rate) and mechanical conditions can adversely affect the life of a valve. Remote installations expose valves to severe temperatures and pressures – from deep-sea to desert pipelines – these valves can be left open or closed for years without being cycled, yet it is critical they function reliably.

MSEC represents and distributes valve manufacturers whose products deliver the performance needed to stand up against the most demanding conditions for all oil and gas supply chain segments. Whether you’re concerned about noise, vibration, cavitation, or contaminants, our broad selection of high-performance valves and valve applications will provide a solution. The valves we supply are developed and tested according to strict international auditing agency criteria, such as API and ISO standards.

Selecting the proper valve for oil and gas is critical to ensuring a safe and effective operation. Every choice can influence performance from valve type to testing and certification requirements. Productivity will suffer, and safety becomes an issue if a valve is not adequately suited for the process environment. MSEC’s highly trained sales engineers and years of experience in pipeline applications are available to you to ensure the right solutions are selected.

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